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A new type of malware has affected around 25 million Android devices globally, among which 15 million are from India. The malware is named as “Agent Smith”. It’s mainly a mobile virus which is gradually spreading at an alarming rate.

Cyber Security Consultancies are constantly evolving, identifying the source or mitigating threats like these.

As reported on Checkpoint, Agent Smith is paving in the devices through dodgy third-party apps. The methods here used by the malware to spread are similar to Agent Smith’s techniques as in the film series.

Disguised as a Google-related app, the malware misuses the android vulnerabilities. It also bears a property to replace the installed apps automatically with a malicious Version simply by introducing a series of undesirable ads. It is a very alarming process used by hackers to generate revenue every time you click on the ad.

Let us discuss how can Agent Smith affect you?

  • • It steals log-in information for key account like-online banking.
  • • Privately mines for crypto-currency using your device, causing your device to slow down.
  • • It floods your screen with unwanted ads.
  • • It may lock your device with ransomware unless a fee is paid.

Agent Smith has affected a huge number of devices all over the world. Look at the list below:

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The malware was first detected by Checkpoint. Google Play Store till now has removed almost 16 apps from the Play Store that were marked infected by this malware. They are no longer available in the play store.

But for them who had already downloaded such apps earlier, Google can’t help them to delete the app. Check out the following apps given below; if you have any of these apps already installed, we will suggest uninstalling them immediately.

  • • Ludo Master- New Ludo Game 2019 For Free
  • • Sky Warriors: General Attack
  • • Shooting Jet
  • • Bio Blast- Infinity Battle Shoot Virus
  • • Photo Projector
  • • Gun Hero- Gunman Game for Free
  • • Cooking Witch
  • • Blockman Go: Free Realms & Mini Games
  • • Clash of Virus
  • • Angry Virus
  • • Star Range
  • • Kiss Game: Touch Her Heart
  • • Girl Cloth Xray Scan Simulator

Wait! It’s not the end. Popular apps like Flipkart, Amazon, WhatsApp, etc are also being fooled by this virus. They cleverly replace the malicious code with the real program, preventing the app from getting any security update at regular intervals.

Note: Samsung and Xioami devices are accounted for mostly infected by this virus.

How to get rid of Agent Smith?

The best way to get rid of this malware is to delete the infected apps(as discussed above) and freshly re-install it from a trusted app store (like Google Play Store). If an app suddenly displays a huge number of ads it is a sure sign that something is wrong.

We strongly recommend you to install an antivirus service from the Play Store and also do a factory reset on your device if necessary.

Update the latest version of the Android operating system to keep your phone up to date.

According to Jonathan Shimonovich, Head of Mobile Threat Detection Research, Check Point, “ As the malicious software tends to infect apps in a silent mode, it becomes a big challenge for Android users to combat such cyber threats” Researchers also concluded that – An app today showing unwanted excess ads may tomorrow steal sensitive information and something more…

Well,Agent Smith may turn risky for your company also. Suppose, an employee having such malicious apps on their phone, using the Wi-Fi of your company! Somewhere unknowingly the company’s device may also fall in danger. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.If you want to have a high-secured environment for your company contact expert Cyber Security Companies in Kolkata.

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