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According to the CISO Benchmark report 2020, business decision makers from all over the world have given a common statement that “complexity is the worst enemy of cyber security”.

Almost 2800 executive leadership from 13 countries have participated in this research survey and after a details analysis it was concluded that most of the businesses all over the world are suffering from managing multi-vendor environment, cloud infrastructure, mobile devices and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Digital transformation all over the world has given huge opportunities to the businesses from various industries but it has also forced businesses to change existing IT infrastructures. Most of the businesses are facing problems in this change management process as it has also created new unknown sophisticated threats.

In this scenario an average business is using almost 20 security technologies and it was reported that 86% organizations that are serious about security, data protection, vulnerabilities use between 1 to 20 vendors for their cyber security needs. But day by day managing this multi-vendor environment is becoming very challenging and it also decreases the operational efficiency for the businesses.

To combat this complexity businesses are increasing investment in automation of the cyber security aspects so that they can speed up the incident response time and minimise the number of vendors required for their entire IT infrastructure management. This trend has also increases the investment in the field of cloud security which can improve network visibility and create proper communication between endpoint cyber security team.

It was also found that data centres were extremely difficult to defend from a potential attack and if this data centre is in a public cloud then it is very challenging. So, at this point if a business organization has a public cloud infrastructure then it can be very difficult to protect data from the sophisticated threats.

The usage of mobile devices inside organization for corporate emails, group chatting, con calls, online meeting have complicated the cyber security process. This situation has created problem in workload protection for all the device connection across the organization. In this research it was found that only 27% of the organizations are using multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure access to the workload.

Most of the organizations have reported that unpatched vulnerabilities caused most of the data loss for them over the years. This is one of the most common issues according to the executive decision makers all over the world.

Achilles Resolute as a cyber-security service provider always suggests its clients to have cloud infrastructure security and network security into their incident response agenda. We always create a proper execution blueprint for all our clients. We are one the leading companies in India in network security expertise and in multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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