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The question that is arising now is that- “We are standing at the end of 2019, and what 2020 is going to be?”

From a Cyber Security point of view, there’re a bunch of queries about what’s coming next? What risks will the hackers pose again?

In this article we will come to know about the Cyber Security Trends we expect in 2020. Our list may vary a bit from the others. Cyber Security Company has diverse priorities and insights in this aspect and so does we.

What we are assuming for 2020 can be something beyond what we are imaging! So, one should take 2020 on a serious note as anything can happen overnight!

Cyber Hackers are using more progressed and ascendable tools to crack user privacy and gather data from the system. Around two billion records were endangered in 2017 and more than 4.5 billion records were intruded in the first half of 2018. Now you can understand why 2020 is going to be a crucial year for Cyber Security Services?

Anyways, let us have a look at the five key emerging trends in the cyber security that we believe will impact both the business and the customers in 2020.

1. The growing influence of AI and ML on Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are reinventing cyber security as a whole and also in the areas that are worth exploring in the year 2020.

AI sometimes is used as a weapon by cybercriminals to develop increasingly sophisticated malware and attack methods, demanding organizations to expand advanced examining solutions rather than relying on known vulnerabilities.

2. Biometrics Creates a Fake Sense of Security in the Enterprise

It’s true that Biometrics indeed is more secure than traditional authentication methods but the hackers are smart enough to get access behind the authentication methods.

So, while biometric authentication is a very good way to verify a user device, organizations must be aware that every time that happens that biometric data must be encoded and the assets behind the authentication are protected.

One of the most important matter is the network authentication token that’s produced must be protected. The token if negotiated by the attackers, can gain administrative access and accomplish their goal.

3. Demand will keep on rising for Security Skills:

Global Shortage of Cyber Security Skills in the workplace may become a crucial cyber security trend of 2020. As the company will understand that the current IS strategy isn’t sufficient for the company security, demand for expertise will rise gradually.

4. Increase of Mobile Attacks

By the end of 2019, mobiles have already topped in the list of hacking attempts. As all our communication (personal/ professional) are done through mobile devices it is also pointing towards a greater risk of exploiting our system to the unknown, unintentionally. It is one of the most alarming threat trends to arise in 2020.

5. Phishing is back

As per Verizon's Data Breach Investigation Report 2019, “Phishing accounts for 32% of data breaches and 78% of cyberespionage incidents.” Phishing is though an old technique but now it may evolve stronger yet scarier. Despite of various awareness campaigns by many reputed brands still, Phishing doesn’t seem to stop in 2020 also.

Some other Threads that may affect are:

  • • Global Breakdown of Technology
  • • Corrupted Components : Clones and Counterfeits
  • • Malware will take flight : Drones as a basic network infection vector
  • • Digital Electronics Obstruction
  • • Cloud-based threats will immensely continue to grow, with organizations striving to maintain control of crucial data and assure real-time threat intelligence

Security as much as terrorism is not far from each other since it has become easier as the war on the different states does not require heavy weapons to make a point but needs a computer or even a smartphone which has sometimes more power and anyone can cause disruption anywhere. Remember, all attacks happen under the belt, be it a cyberattack or another type of attack.

There are a lot of areas that comes to your mind when we are talking about “Emerging trends in cyber security for 2020”. Isn’t it! Always keep your company safe & secure with the help of expert Cyber Security Services.

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