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Cyber Security Companies recently reported that cyber criminals also prefer Instant Messaging platforms to carry out their crimes. This leads to 1.5 billion users wondering how much safe & secure the messaging app is!

How trustworthy are these apps are?

It is of no surprise that cyber security crime has begun to pave their way in every possible app. Whatsapp has around 300 million daily active status users worldwide. It is the most popular mobile messenger app nowadays.

Here is a detailed survey on everything you need to know about Whatsapp to keep it safe.

Is Whatsapp Safe!

The Facebook-owned messaging app (Whatsapp) is making headlines for the past few months regarding security issues. Though Whatapp announces its safety and security issues (like end-to-end encryption) still it has caught the eyes of hackers to spread cyber threats.

Dr. Jessica Barker from Cygenta (a cyber security company) says"I don't think it's helpful to say end-to-end encryption is pointless just because vulnerability is occasionally found”.

There are some major drawbacks that Whatsapp needs to iron out as soon as possible. Keeping the risks in mind, The Central Bank asked The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) not to allow a full-scale launch of “Whatsapp Payment” in India.

Here is everything you need to know about Whatsapp Security issue:


The malware Agent Smithreplaces Whatsapp with malicious updates through various ads. They can gain all the sensitive data and information from your system through these ads.

Another alarming target for the hackers to pave their way in is the “Whatsapp Web”. There are many unauthorized stores that offer such apps. If by default this app downloaded from any illegal source then the criminals and scammers have all the advantages to spread malware on both your mobile & computer.

Unencrypted Backups:

The messages as sent on Whatsapp are end-to-end encrypted that means only the user and sender device can decode them. However, this encryption won’t work if the information is stored as a backup on “Google Drive”. However, the encryption does not work if the data is stored as a backup on Google Drive. Whatsapp had recently signed an agreement with Google to allow its users to store messages on the search giants' cloud storage offering.

Fake news:

During 2017-18, Whatsapp was caught for the issue of spreading fake news and misinformation leading to something malicious. This fake information caused several incidents of violence among users. Though Whatsapp tried their best to curb the issue but somewhere a bit of gap still remained.

Case Study: In 2018, Whatsapp was the main source of fake news throughout the Brazil elections. This kind of misinformation was very easy to spread, business people in Brazil set up companies that created illegal Whatsapp misinformation campaigns misguiding the candidates. The hackers purchased a list of phone numbers to target and spread fake news through their phones.

Whatapp status:

Whatsapp status is designed to be shared through a brief line of texts where the users assume that sharing a status on Whatsapp is private too. Although controlling the Whatsapp Status privacy is very easy.

Navigate to:

Settings Account Privacy Status (there three options are available, choose accordingly). Though Whatapp status is all about friends & family members it’s relatively safe rather than other apps.

There are always some simple security steps to remember while using Whatsapp:

  • • Install any app from an authorized app store
  • • Use a strong and different password for every application
  • • Enable two-step-authentication(where possible) for better security
  • • Be cautious about what app you are downloading
  • • Do not click on the messages which seem to be suspicious

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