Phishing techniques have witnessed major upgradations in recent years. In our previous blog, we talked about the 5 different phishing attacks. Insightful, but believe us, there are plenty of other kinds, that demand your attention!

Cyber-criminals have grown dexterous with times, thus making us further unsafe in the virtual world. Among their new gimmicks, the search engine phishing stands out distinct from the rest. Needless to say, if you are into the online business, phishing attack prevention should always be on your mind!

So, what’s this new thing?

Search Engine phishing defined

Firstly, this is a relatively new kind of phishing attack. So, kudos to whoever conceptualized it! That said you should be alert to it every now and then, as it’s different than the lot. Oh yeah, and more deceiving too!

In this case, the evildoers don’t bother to indulge in targeted emails. Rather, they build their own site and offer amazing deals or cheap products whatever that can catch your attention. They also get their site indexed by legitimate search engines.

As a result, online shoppers will come across these sites on a typical Google result page. And let’s tell you, it’s very hard to differentiate them from the rest. Here, the basic aim of phishing doesn’t alter much, as users are encouraged to hand over their personal information.

And this is how you are fooled!

You may be asked to share your bank account number for purchase or perhaps, to register with your insurance number. Real-life phishing attack online stories suggest these shared data can be used for an array of pernicious purposes like destroying your reputation, hijacking your identity, or simply, to rob you.

And when this happens, you’ll have no other option but to knock the door of professional cyber-security services for help. Getting yourself out of that mess won’t be an easy task too. So, it’s imperative, you remain careful beforehand.

Let’s tell you how.

How to identify them?

If you can identify these fake websites, then half your job is done.

But the real question is, how?

They use some common ruses to attract victims. Check them out.

• Free giveaway/amazing discount

They appear to be typical online retailers but with fake offerings. And hence, you won’t ever receive something upon ordering. Not only will you lose money but compromise your identity as well. Now, this can lead to severe consequences.

So, keep an eye out on things like amazing discount offered or attractive free giveaway options. You never know!

• Low-interest rates

Always be aware of obscure banks offering unbelievably low rates. This is yet another tactic used by fraudsters.

And sadly, many fail to look beyond this deception, only to fall right into their lap!

These are false sites that may ask you to transfer money or register yourself. In either case, you are at severe risk of being robbed of your peace of mind, among other things. Cyber-security is something that not all of us are concerned about.

And this makes phishers even more confident. You must know how to prevent phishing attack.

• Job opportunity

If you are in desperate need for a job, you are likely to come across numerous fake offers, involving non-existing companies. The application will require you to provide significant pieces of personal information such as bank details or insurance accounts.

Can you see through their cunning act, now?

No company demands these unless you are hired. If you aren’t that acquainted with the web’s dark side, then its high time you start taking notes!

• Emergency warnings

A lot of websites put up emergency warnings as a way to lure users into downloading their products.

Eye-opening, is it?

Pop-up windows saying your computer has been infected with a virus or your anti-virus is outdated, are common sights, if you haven’t been living in the stone-age all this while. So, keep them in mind, the next time you decide to surf the web.

Know how to make your way out of something as troublesome as a phishing attack! Go through as many phishing attack ppt files as possible.

Preparations against search engine phishing

There are more than a handful of things you can do to avoid being yet another phishing victim. Like for instance, double-check every business you work with. Don’t get easily captivated by offerings. Unusually cheap products should arouse your suspicions

Even when a company redirects you to a legitimate site, never assume the actual offer comes from that company. Do a lot of checking before trusting someone on the internet. Always make sure to verify the domain name and see whether it matches what’s presented on the website.

Seeing through these scams is easier when they are pointed out in blog posts than in reality. If a website is offering a product you badly want or an exciting job opportunity, then it’s tough to resist yourself.

So, if you are victimized, never shy away from contacting the cyber-security expert

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