Fund Raising Event :

“I-Day” – Fund Raising Event : Providing platform to start-ups/ entrepreneurs to showcase their product(s) to the Venture Capitalists / Investment Organisations (India & Abroad). Other incubators too will be invited to participate. An yearly event with an aim to bring investors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, policy makers, influencers, free thinkers under one roof to create one of a kind market-place for path-breaking innovation and cutting-edge research. This event will be preceded by leadership talks and other relevant activities by industry/ domain experts.

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Courses :

One day long session (6 hours); Mainly to create an entrepreneurial mind-set and give the future entrepreneurs an idea of ‘Do(s) & Don’t(s)’, ‘Not Shying Away from Failures’, ‘Boring Finance’, ‘Design Thinking & Leadership’, ‘Hitting the Market Hard & Fast’ etc.

Three months long course (10 weeks); Mainly for aspirants who want to start his/her venture. Candidates will go through rigorous training that will cover ideation, market research, business plan, acceleration, growth, sells pitch, investment pitch, leadership and grooming etc. They will be guided by the best of mentors from the industry and academia where they need to work on the prototype of the product as well and after successful completion of the course. The best 10 ideas will be incubated for next nine (9) months and early seed fund support OR entrepreneurial fellowship could be provided.

Specialized training programs / workshops for professionals and students on ‘Emerging Technologies’ and related topics.

Consultancy :

Start-up(s) - who are established (mid-size) will be provided our consultancy (virtual too) on acceleration, growth, outreach, communications, scaling up, staffing, legal aid, financial planning and related topics against a consultancy fee – one time / monthly / quarterly / yearly.

Educational Institute(s) - We need to get engaged with Educational Institutes (Schools / Colleges / Universities) as ‘Knowledge Partner’ (Consultant) to take care of their operations; getting it outsourced. Our primary goal would be the alternate way of educating tender minds, i.e., entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. Starting from daily operations (conventional education) to setting up entrepreneurship cells and centre of excellences, introducing new modern-day courses, arranging workshops and conferences, executive learning etc. will be part of our offerings.

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