Achilles Resolute, Hyderabad provides services and solutions in cyber security with the aim to enable the enterprises to recognize the existing vulnerabilities and threats in your IT infrastructure and take measures to secure your systems &networks

How we manage Cyber Security:

  • ✔ Our Cyber experts determine your security needs and install a solution for your network
  • ✔ We immediately move to take the necessary step as soon as we find something wrong happening
  • ✔ We always (24/7 hours) keep a close eye on your networks to quickly spot cyber attacks
  • ✔ As we get an update for your security sooner we push it out to you automatically
cyber security consultant services in India

Achilles Resolute aims to deliver the complete suite of solutions and services related to vulnerabilities and threats in cyber security frameworks. Our Cyber Security Experts identify, detect, protect, respond and recover your company’s data and information.

We’ll protect your server, computer, and all your data with proven Technologies & Techniques that ensure you don’t have to pay a ransom or to lose your sensitive information.

Achilles resolute, Hyderabad aims to provide superior value to its clients through quality service, innovation, continuous growth. Their long-term goal helps to boost the level of trust customers place in their information systems and networks through the use of cost-effective security testing, judgment and assessment programs.

Our Company also supports clients to improve their business continuity strategies, manage risk, configure secure business, restoring sites and implement resilient systems and networks with complete security.

Why choose Achilles Resolute, Hyderabad?

  • ✔ Expert in Penetrating Testing
  • ✔ Well experienced across all sectors and Business sizes
  • ✔ Your security is our first preference

We provide multiple services which include:

  • ✔ Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)
  • ✔ Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT)
  • ✔ Network Penetration Testing (NPT)
  • ✔ Mobile Application Security Testing
  • ✔ Annual Website Security Management Services (AWSM)
  • ✔ DDoSMitigation
  • ✔ Social Engineering Services
  • ✔ Cyber Intelligence Services
  • ✔ Android App Development
  • ✔ End Point Protection
  • ✔ Web and Content Filtering
  • ✔ Emails SPAM filtering, URL Filtering, Attachment Sandboxing and Data Loss Protection (DLP)
  • ✔ Wired and Wireless Network Security Standards, Protocols and Policy
  • ✔ Data and Voice Redundancy and Failover Solutions
  • ✔ Image and File-based Backups
  • ✔ Disaster Recovery
  • ✔ Dark Web Monitoring and Alerts
cyber security consultant services in India

Network Penetration Testing is usually conducted in one of two possible scenarios:

Externally from the Internet

facing the customer network

Internally with

the customer network

Our Cyber Security Consultancy also protects clients' data, sensitive information, businesses and dignity from prominent cyber attacks. With the help of expert security professionals, quality conscious and cost-effective security solutions to various organizations across the globe and also helps to ensure that their systems and processes are totally safe & secure from any threat.

Our History:

Founded on 26th May 2017, Achilles Resolute has developed a brand reputation in the field of cyber security over the years providing cutting-edge cyber security services and consultancies. We understand the nature of your business and the importance of developing a security conscience culture within your company.

In the age where security technologies are evolving continuously, our team proactively access security in your companies operation with minimal loss as possible. We secure your company applications across technology layers, connected platforms, processes and devices.

Achilles Resolute, Hyderabad is spearheaded by cyber security researcher with two years’ experience in information and cyber security.